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Q: When did Trussworks begin operations?

A: Trussworks, Inc. began operations in May of 1982 in Cable, Wisconsin with just 8 employees. After 13 years of growth as a result of providing quality roof and floor trusses there wasn’t enough room for further expansion at the Cable location. Therefore in early 1995, the operation was moved to its current state-of-the-art facility just north of Hayward. Now our employees number around 50 during the summertime.

Q: Does Trussworks provide wholesale roof and floor trusses, and retail lumberyard services?

A: Trussworks, Inc. is not only a wholesale distributor of wooded roof and floor trusses for both commercial and residential buildings, but also supplies retail lumberyards with hangers and engineered wood I-Beams, LVL Headers, and Glulam beams. Our service extends primarily within a 200-mile radius of Hayward, Wisconsin. Providing the customer with quality trusses is very important to Trussworks.

Q: What is the manufacturing process like?

A: The manufacturing process begins when the cutting list and truss design drawings are received in the saw shop. The saw foreman determines from the cutting list and the production schedule the sequence for cutting the orders. Then the foreman determines on which of our 3 saws the various pieces will be cut. Once these decisions have been made, the sawyers make a pick list of what lumber they need and give it to the fetcher. The list is very specific since we use 6 different sizes of lumber ranging from 2 x 3 up to 2 x 10 with all the corresponding lengths available, 12 different grades of lumber, and 3 different species. When the fetcher has everything the sawyer needs, he places it on the live deck for the appropriate component saw or on a cart for our radial arm saw. The live deck is a motorized chain conveyor that enables the sawyer to advance the material to the saw.